Apartments in Majorca

Apartments for Sale in Majorca

There are 1001 reasons to purchase apartments in Mallorca. If you don’t want to be moving your golf clubs back and forth or having your own walls of your home which are more comfortable than a hotel, constantly having to sleep on the yacht which has also its disadvantages, investment reasons can come into play, or simply because you want to buy an apartment in Mallorca to enjoy it: this is the point, where one starts with questions.

As a professional and dedicated Real Estate Agency in Majorca, we help you to take the right decision. Therefore, our highly experienced team of sales agents is at your disposal. Their knowledge goes beyond just selling. They are professionals also in other aspects than Real Estates in Majorca.

Frontline penthouses and modern apartments

The offer of apartments in Majorca is very versatile. From penthouses in first line, apartments in golf courses to small studios in the old town of Palma, there is everything your heart desires. Clients often change their opinion and decide for a town house instead of a flat in the inland of the island.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, how, who and when you want to make use of the property. This will limit the selection usually in a geographical way, for example, there are many locations in the east and north east of Mallorca, which in winter are not especially attractive to visitors. On the other side, the prices are also correspondingly lower.

Next you should consider your favourite activities one practices and accordingly what kind of infrastructure you need in your environment. If you are a person who likes to go out to dance in the evenings all year round you should look for a property near Palma or at least in the southwest of the island. Nature lovers and hikers would be in good hands in and about Sóller and Puerto de Sóller. Sunbathers and sailors will find their happiness with a real estate in the north and the north-west.

We provide you with information about the Real Estate market

Be informed about the costs and the actual situation of the owners association and look critically after the installation and construction regarding insulation and humidity.

During the summertime it is very hot and in the winter season you need a heating system. Relating to the point of view of an investment the same criteria has to be applied whether if it is an apartment, finca or villa in Majorca: the location must be a top priority.

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