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Adlib Fashion

The concept of 'Adlib fashion' goes back a long way and is a key element of Ibiza's industry and economy, as well as a tourist attraction. This fashion, inspired by the clothes and dresses typical of the Pitiusan islands and the hippy movement, was started up by the Yugoslavian princess Smilja Mihailovitch in around 1971. It allowed women to be more conscious of their bodies and to dress in a more liberal, comfortable and elegant style. Her motto thus makes sense; 'Dress as you please, but with style.'

What makes Adlib fashion stand out is its characteristic local design. White is the colour of this fashion style along with natural, light fabrics, embroidery, crochet, flounces and traditional lacework. All these elements complement the clothes, giving them volume which is in harmony with the body's natural movement. One of the ways to promote Adlib fashion is the organising of the Pasarela de Moda Adlib, Adlib fashion show, which has become one of the essential parades in the world of fashion.

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