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Alabama Gospel Choir

Hallelujah! proposes an intense journey from the spiritual songs of the nineteenth century, with deep religious roots, to a tribute to the songs of protest and freedom marches, which includes many known songs like Oh Happy Day! A growing whirlwind of words and music that drags the audience to join a show that has already become a classic in Christmas.

The great voices of black music come back for the eighth time to our country with a renewed program to make the audience vibrate again with its mix of vitality and spirituality seasoned with the rhythms of funk and blues.

Alabama Gospel Choir consists of 30 artists who manage to show the Gospel story in a unique tour through the roots of this music. With famous songs they convey a message of peace and solidarity beyond all boundaries, creating genuine anthems that spread enthusiasm to the public.

December 21st at 7 pm
Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca
Price: 35 €

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