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Annie Hall again on the cinema

Following the successful launch of the "Tuesdays of classic films", the next movie scheduled by the Sala Augusta of Palma de Mallorca in the iniciative Cinegusta35 is Annie Hall. The film, one of the essentials of Woody Allen and cinema of the seventies, will be screened on Tuesday 6th of November. It is a romantic comedy released in 1977 and starring Diane Keaton, exceptional in the role of the neurotic Annie Hall. The film won the Oscar for best picture, director, original screenplay and actress, but will remain in history as one of the most memorable comedies of celluloid.

Upcoming films programmed in the "Tuesdays of classics films" in the Sala Augusta are The Third Man, by Carol Reed; A Special Day, by Ettore Scola, and Adam's Rib, by George Cukor. For only 5 euros you can enjoy the best films of all time in 35 millimeters.

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