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Art and gastronomy in Son Quint, Son Vida

The popular restaurant Son Quint in Son Vida presents “Quint Art”, a new concept of mixing fine cuisine with fine art. Among the suggestive and appealing events regularly offered by Son Quint restaurant, the importance is given to Quint Art, a 12-month cycle in which each month an artist’s work is presented. Estiven Arráez, the charismatic chef of Son Quint, is responsible for capturing and creating a menu specifically developed to match the style of each of the artists who are exposed.

The 12 invited artists are: Aina Sanchez García, Cati Gelabert Niell, Eloisa Pomar Fio, Francisca Juan, Gaspar Ballester Martínez, José Luis Ponce, José María Marin, José Saldaña, Maribel García Martín, Pedro Pascual Perelló, Soledad Jiménez Villarejo, Teresa Ramis Ferragut, Toni Marí Nicolau y la participación especial de Onofre Prohéns Payeras.

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