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Balearic Islands: The necessary renewal of a tourist and residential destination

Mallorca and Ibiza are the favourite European destination of the German, British and Scandinavian upper class, in terms of both tourism and property, because of their Mediterranean climate and their cultural and natural wealth. The political stability of the European Union, along with the economic recovery, means that luxury property investments are a safe bet with great future prospects.

Furthermore, the changeover of government in political institutions at the Autonomous Community and Municipal levels holds out the prospect of a really hopeful political context; and this, along with the 9.6% increase in the number of international tourists to the Balearic Islands this May compared with the same month last year, is certainly cause for optimism. The Balearic Islands was the Autonomous Community with the second highest number of visitors during May 2011, mainly from Great Britain and the Netherlands; and this percentage is forecast to gradually increase.

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