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Banyalbufar: Hamlet with views and visions

What could be worth being reported from a village of hardly 600 inhabitants? Not less than the wonder of the resurrected viniculture, a magnificent landscape between the mountains and the sea up to the coolest Jazz... Banyalbufar is a little village on the west coast of Majorca. The surrounding houses are nestled on the slopes of the Tramuntana Mountains and overlooking the ocean beneath them. Impressive terraces characterize the scenery and are testimonies of man’s efforts ever since the Middle Ages to obtain territory to cultivate crops.

For centuries, Banyalbufar had been famous for his wine, pressed from the vines, which were farmed on the terraces the Moores built during their époque. The variety “Malvasia” grew at its height on 2000 grapevines became the favourite of the king of Aragon after the recapture of Majorca. However, another connoisseur of good grapes, too, invaded the vineyards: The vine fretter almost finished with the whole cultivation end of 19th century and the farmer set on other crops. Only in the 80th of the recent century, a small group of equally enthusiastic as visionary men started to restore some grapevines and to reanimate the culture of winegrowing in Banyalbufar again. It has all been a success and since 1995 the cooperative "Malvasia de Banyalbufar" produces first class wines in a mostly bio dynamical way: Malvasia de Banyalbufar Cornet Blanco, Malvasia de Banyalbufar Cornet Barrica Blanco, Malvasia de Banyalbufar Xop Moll Blanco, Malvasia de Banyalbufar Xop Moll Tinto, Malvasia de Banyalbufar Xop Moll Rosado.

After trying one of the fine drops, maybe while lunching paella in Son Tomás, as it is supposed to be the best of Majorca, the visitor longs perhaps to have a bath in the sea. The little cove of Banyalbufar offers clear waters and a kind of natural shower: A waterfall with clear and fresh mountain-water. At least once a year the little village gets crowded. The international festival “Banyalbujazz in August with concerts in the centre and in Port de Canonge has become a fix data in the agenda of jazz-fans. Finally Banyalbufar is finish and starting point of many hiking trails in the Tramuntana. To start with, the route “Sa volta des General” to Port de Canonge is recommendable. So: Do the picnic basket, take the hiking boots and go for a walk through the beautiful coastal- and mountain-landscape. The reward for exercising will be a delicious wine with the dinner.

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