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Bettina Nuschei: Inspiring colors

The Austrian artist Bettina Nuschei studied in Rome, Paris and New York. She had been working together with Andy Warhol in “The Factory” from 1980 to 1981. This collaboration also influenced her own artistic language. In fact, Andy Warhol himself, one of the main promoters of pop art, painted a portrait of the Austrian artist, as you can see below.

The work from Bettina Nuschei consists of colours, transparencies and lightness and transmits dynamic, rhythm and strength.“When my paintings are hanging on the wall, then the room gets a soul and breathes,” says the artist. Her creations dispose of much light; therefore they are a source of power and inspiration. In private or public rooms, the paintings transmit life and a feel-good-atmosphere.

Since 1998 Bettina Nuschei lives between Mallorca and Munich. After several exhibitions in Latin America, the United States and in some European countries, the Austrian artist has been featured in numerous publications, and works closely with architects and interior designers.

© Photo: Bettina Nuschei

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