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Can Espanya Serra, an emblem of Palma

In Calle Portella in Palma one of the most emblematic buildings of the city rises: Can Espanya Serra. This unique property has been witness of all types of destinies and multifaceted bonds and complications of some of the grand families of Mallorca. During the 14th century the house belonged to the family Oleza and four centuries later Bonaventura Serra y Ferragut, a chronicler and one of the most important erudite, bought the building. The Serra-family quarrelled with the Espanya-family, the latter realized a complete refurbishment of the neo-Gothic estate in order to convert it in the 2nd third of the 20th century into the Hostal Isabel II. In 2002 began the refurbishment directed by the architect Pere Rabassa, who carried off the Award of the City of Palma for Rehabilitation-Architecture for it.

The Patio of Can Espanya Serra forms a part of the round tour through the “Patios de Palma”. It was built in the 19th century upon a medieval basement and has a neo-Gothic staircase and a front of the same style. In the corner facing the la Portella there is a sundial sustaining an angel. The columns separating the vestibule from the patio show the emblems of the Espanyas (a lion) and the Serras (a saw).

The historical manor has this outstanding designer penthouse, which combines a perfect combination of the ancient elements with the moderns. There are 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, furthermore a pool and a 180 sqm terrace with panoramic views over the city of Palma and the sea. The main bedroom has views to the cathedral of Palma with its impressive rose window. Every year on 11th of November and 2nd of February there is the astonishing optical spectacle when the sunlight reflects the colours of the glass windows below the minor rose window of the cathedral.

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