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Carsten Fock – “Goodbye and Hello”

The renowned German artist Carsten Fock present his latest art Project – around 30 pieces - in the CCA Andratx. Throughout his stay at the CCA Artist-in-Residence Program, during the month of July 2013, he has developed a collection created specifically for the CCA Kunsthalle. The artist-in-residence program of CCA has a world wide reputation for its facilities and the extraordinary natural surroundings that encourage the creation of art. His show, ranging from drawings on paper and canvas paintings to a spectacular wallpainting. Carsten Fock’s artistic procedure bends into his work the result of deep self-exploration into feelings, sensations and social and political thoughts, resulting in very strong energetic works. His arts are still available until the 29/09/13 in the CCA Andratx.

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