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Castle of Alaró: traces of a legend

At the heart of Majorca are erected two of the most unique mountains of the interior of the island. The Alaró mountain (“Puig de Alaró”, 822 meters) and the S'Alcadena mountain (“Puig de s’Alcadena”, 816 meters) are peculiar to stand facing each other, as if they maintained a frenetic dialogue. At the summit of “Puig de Alaró” is the emblematic Castle of Alaró, an ancient Muslim fortress where you can enjoy the most spectacular views of the interior of Majorca towards the Bay of Alcudia and the Serra de Tramuntana.

It can be reached through a paved road that ends at the gates of the fortress. According to legend, Guillem Cabrit and Guillem Bassa defended the castle of the occupation of Catalonia in the thirteenth century. After being captured by King Alfonso were sentenced to being burned in the fire to defend their loyalty to King James II of Majorca. Even today you can see in the Castle of Alaró traces of legend and fierce defence of the fortress. It is a true emblem of Majorcan history.

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