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The "Festival de Música Clásica Port de Sóller" is taking place for its tenth year. From the beginning on it was for lovers of classical music one of the first places to be in Mallorca. This is thanks to pianist Alexander Malter, as a musician and as artistic director, he guarantees a high level of the concert series.

Due to its excellent contacts, members of the major orchestras of Berlin, but also talented young musicians made guest appearances as the soprano Evelina Dobraceva or the pianist Ludmilla Kogan at the festival.

This years’ it kicks off with a concert on 27 September with the artistic director, Alexander Malter. The festival continues on the 4th of October with the quartet of the Berlin Radio Orchestra and Alexander Malter at the piano.

The Mallorcan violinist Francisco Fullana, who has just received a Pietro Guarneri from 1679 of the prestigious Stradivari Society in Chicago, will give his concert on October 11. For the fourth concert on 18 October, the baritone Nikolay Borchev perfoms (Vienna State Opera), together with the pianist Friedrich Suckel the "Winterreise" by Franz Schubert. This year 's final concert on October 25 is performed by Alexander Malter and Lyudmila Kogan.

The "Festival de Música Clasica Port de Sóller" was initially led by the re-design of the port. In the course of this development, the former convent of Santa Catalina, transformed in the Maritime Museum, the corresponding chapel has been converted into an events hall. Given these changes, the Hotel Association of Sóller decided to go one step further and give the Port of Sóller with a classical music festival a very special attraction.
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