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Culture Center of Guangzhou Daily Group in southern China

The study IAPA has designed a project inspired on the shape produced by thousands of newspapers folded and stacked in a pile, which has recently won the excellence award in the International Architecture Design Competition. The complex, located in Guangzhou city in southern China, includes office, exhibition, commercial, hotel, culture, and service space.

The client is Guangzhou Daily Group, the media group that publishes the newspaper of the region, and for that reason paper and printing are the key elements of this design. In an area of ​​180,000 square meters has been set an architectural project that is a clear homage to the origin of printing and its evolution to the information age we live nowadays. IAPA, one of the foremost experts in design and urban planning in Australia, treated the museum of the Cultural Center as a moveable- type printing board which is one of China's ancient great inventions that four centuries later would result in the printing. The aim of this symbology is to express the link between the movable type printing of the origins of printing and contemporary journalistic culture. Based on a human scale, this cultural center project is a masterpiece of architectural design.

© Photo: IAPA

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