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Design Dinnerware by Vista Alegre

The Portuguese ceramic house Vista Alegre launches a new complete tableware collection designed by various avant-garde artists: Brunno Jahara, Bartek Mejor, Joana Vasconcelos and the firm Christian Lacroix. The virtue of this luxury product can be found not only in the exclusive design but also in the production process, which is still handmade.

Vista Alegre is the fruition of a dream of a man typical of the 19th Century, José Ferreira Pinto Basto. Influenced by the success of a glass factory in Marinha Grande, Pinto Basto decided to create a factory of porcelain, glass and chemical processes. Today, Vista Alegre, more than being market leader in Portugal and possessing the best and most automated porcelain factories in the world, continues to develop and preserve the porcelain made and worked by hand, honoring its history and tradition. Vista Alegre services are used officially by the President of the Portuguese Republic, and also in the White House and by royalty and many heads of state all around the world. Personages such as Queen Elisabeth II of England, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Queen Beatrice of Holland, ex-President Ronald Reagan and the most recent President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, are all in possession of beautiful Vista Alegre tableware.

© Photo: Vista Alegre - Christian Lacroix

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