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Detail of Orion Nebula is captured in Ibiza

The Astronomical Association of Ibiza has registered a high resolution photograph of the IC 427 nebula located in the constellation of Orion. The image has been obtained by the telescope in Cala d'Hort (TCH) in Ibiza, which has a high level optics.

This is one of the "best shots" of that region of the universe where the image was taken, particularly located in south of the famous Sword of Orion. To take that image was necessary to obtain a total of 222 different photographs of the nebula over several months of the year to get enough of this faint light signal nebular field, which is invisible to the telescope.

Once obtained these photos, which have a total exposure of 20 hours, they have been stacked by specific software to accumulate the signal of them all. And once stacked were subjected to different treatment processes in order to bring out detail.

© Photo: Ibiza Astronomical Association (EAA) - Marco Antonio Yuste

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