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Don Juan Tenorio in the Teatro Principal in Palma

The most famous play by José Zorrilla, Don Juan Tenorio, will be performed at the Teatro Principal in Palma until 4th of November. The director Juan Polanco has reviewed the play and, although it has remained true to the original, offers a more revitalized version.

Interpreters Joan Bonet, Alícia Garau, Enric Garcia, Emili Gené, Albert Mèlich, Sofía Muñiz, Alexandra Muñoz, Jaume Mut, Raúl Rodríguez, Sara Sánchez, Apolònia Serra, Joan Sureda, Joan Manel Vadell, Pedro Victory and Xim Vidal, climb stage to represent this romantic drama released in mid-nineteenth century.

Don Juan Tenorio, along with The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest by Tirso de Molina, one of the plays depicting the myth of Don Juan, one of the most emblematic of Spanish theater. The gallants Don Juan and Don Luis Mejia made ​​a bet to see which of them can beat a larger number of more duels and seducing maidens. A year later, both seducers recount their feats, but Don Juan is the winner and Don Luis returns to challenge him, triggering a series of tragic events. It is an essential play of Spanish romantic theater.

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