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Dost & Co. is the first estate agent in the Balearic Islands to use the revolutionary QR code for reading information via mobile devices

Dost & Co. is the first estate agent, and one of the first firms, in the Balearic Islands to incorporate into its campaigns the innovative QR code, which enables users to access a variety of the firm's content via any mobile device.

It consists of a barcode containing information that can be accessed from any mobile device via a fast and accurate reader application. This system enables the user to save him- or herself several steps when accessing information of interest to him or her, since s/he has only to hover his or her smartphone over the printed code to be automatically redirected to the section of the website stored in the code.

True to its principles of simplicity and modernity, Dost & Co. is incorporating the latest technological innovations and making them available to its clients to facilitate their property searching processes.

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