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Exhibition by the artistic group “Ibiza Art Guide”

The artistic group “Ibiza Art Guide” has opened an exhibition in Casa Colonial celebrating the fourth edition of the Ibiza Art Guide edition 2013-2014. This exhibition features works of a large number of local artists. These are all part of the guide published by the group and presents both paintings, photographs and sculptures. The exhibition will be open until March 16, 2014. These days Ibiza Art Guide organizes another exhibition in “Julle and Friends” located in Marina Ibiza. The graffiti artist Jerom's works have for years dazzled the pedestriants in Ibiza town. With no need to enter an exposition people have admired his creativity through his graffiti - a prodigy of art - on the walls of the football field Can Cantó or the walls of the building of the trade unions in Ignasi Wallis.

This time the 35 year old artist enters the art gallery to showcase his latest works: photorealistic large paintings done entirely with spray. The exposition is open until January 31, in “Jull & Friends” located in Marina Ibiza, managed by the collective “Ibiza Art Guide”. The exhibition will also show several works made duel between the surrealist painter Jull and Jerom. "The two artists share the fact that they handle very well the art within their own styles which are very different . They are both great and experienced, "emphasizes Mr. Mini, Art Guide Ibiza’s spokesman and organizer of the exhibition. The exhibition show shared works, plus a portrait of Jull done by Jerom and demonstrations of live painting during the exhibition days . Overall the exhibition shows six works made by Jerom and three made by Jull.

Mr. Mini says that this is a good opportunity to get a close up look at how this graffiti artist works, many simply do not believe that the works are done with spray. Each detail is amazing and impressive.

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© Foto: Jerom and Jull

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