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Exhibition "De bailar en el balcón y como en la bañera"

The CCA Espai welcomes since the 12th of February the exhibition "De bailar en el balcón y comer en la bañera", which is the first individual exhibition by Veronica Lorenzo, who won the 48th International Film Festival of Gijón in the field Filmo Vuelve en 2010 thanks to her Video Microgravedad . Her works have been shown in several international festivals, including WUFF 2013 (New Zealand), Coutures Festival 2008 (Strasbourg), DIZAINA DIENAS 2007 in the Andrejsald Museum (Riga), as well as several national exhibitions.

The game, as the basic concept of the exhibition of video and photography, is present at all times in the works of Lorenzo. The way how these images are captured and presented, can sometimes appear as a low-cost or out of date, however, this reinforces the purpose of the artist to more accurately monitor the ordinariness and simplicity of the message to be transmitted by these works.

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