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Exhibition of the German artist Winfried Flach

The exhibition of the German artist Winfried Flach, who has his second home in Mallorca since 1998, is taking place in the Beach House Hotel in Calvia until August 12, 2013. The focus of his works, which consist mainly of sculptures and paintings, are the light, the color and contours.

Winfried Flach studied a few semesters at the Master School Offenbach, where a professor of art introduced him into painting and sculpture. In addition, Flach worked in the management for several international trading groups. His visits to different countries influenced his sense of color and helped him realize his feelings figuratively. Since 1992 he has devoted all his time to sculpture and painting.

The entrance for the exhibition at the Beach House Hotel is for free.

© Winfried Flach: Miss Sunday | 110x110cm

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