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Festival Live on Març

Festival Live on Març (FLoM!) This event is based on the WORD, in all its forms: literature, visual arts, music, theater or concerts, among other disciplines. It will take place the 22nd and 23rd of March in Sa Possessió Son Rossinyol, Palma. Two stages, two showrooms and  a workshop room will be ready for the performances. "The philosophy of Flom! Everything that has to do with poetry, not only poetry itself but any art that has the soul that we believe the poetry has”, recounts Martínez,  a poet and member of the Jansky musical group. "We want a festival from the city and for the city, popular. Actually, all proposals have emerged to be presented to the public without being gimmicky performances, we look for making everything look very easy to enjoy, "she adds.

Poets like Pau Castanyer, Diego Mattarucco or Esteve Plantada and musicians as Sabina Vostner, Saltamartí or DJ Mutis will be acting on Friday. On Saturday, family workshops, a master class in spoken word and books´ presentations will liven up the morning activities. At night, Jordi Maranges, Mecánica Planatária (David Orviz), Els Nens Eutròfics or Niño Caracol, among others, will do the same.


The tickets for the two-day Flom! can be purchased for 15 or 20 euros. The first option includes a drink, and the second merchandising of the event  such as a cloth bag, a notebook or a book. They are on sale in several shops of Palma: Literanta (Can Fortuny, 4A), Drac Magic (Jeroni Antich, 1), Jarana Club (Joan Francesc Fiol 1), Tres Bandas (Plaça Barcelona, 20) and Pasatiempos (Quint , 3).

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