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Fifty Seven: the original Beach Bar S'Illot is back

Under the name Fifty Seven the historical and reputed Bar S'Illot, popular within tourists and residents in the east of Majorca is back again. Located on the shoreline of S'Illot, the traditional bar that opened in 1951 experienced its biggest boom in the sixties and was the first and most popular Beach Bar of Majorca. Fascinated by the strategic location and history of the old Bar S'Illot, a German businessman has decided to restore the character of the iconic bar and renovate the old building from the ground up. The result has been Fifty Seven, a new concept that combines the charm of traditional Majorcan bars with the urban style of a modern Beach Bar.

Opening on Friday 24th of May at 6 pm
Fifty Seven’s opening will be on Friday 24th of May 24 at 6 pm, an event that will feature tapas, snacks, and a selection of cocktails and wine to enjoy an evening on the waterfront of S'Illot. The band Ex-tress, formed by Jorge Planiol (guitar and vocals), Javi Sánchez (drums) and Podesta Hernán (bass and chorus), will perform greatest hits of the sixties and seventies, such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Prince, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, among many others.

Fusion between tradition and modernity in a dream beach
“Aware of the value and significance of this place to the people of S'Illot and Manacor, my goal was to provide Fifty Seven with the authentic character of the former Bar S'Illot while offering all the comforts of a modern bar”, indicates the German businessman. “We have used natural materials in most of the refurbishment and we have tried to be as faithful as possible to the original based on the old bar’s photographs of the sixties. It was very important for us to capture the highest authenticity of the place.”

Although in the last fifty years the small fishing village has changed substantially, S'Illot preserves intact the charm of the ride, fine sand beach and its people and even today town's and Manacor’s residents enjoy this natural paradise. Bar S'Illot experienced all the changes that occurred in the seafront of the town. Now Fifty Seven has won in modern comfort, but vividly remembers those past days in which the families of Manacor, Cala Millor and S'Illot enjoyed their holidays in one of the most beautiful spots of Majorca. And is precisely this image what Fifty Seven keeps, by providing a terrace in an unrivalled location.

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