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Fornalutx: The bull buckles up to chase through quaint village

Festival in Fornalutx from 6th tot he 9th of September means an ample program of music, sports and entertainment for everybody, including a holy service to honour the villages saint "Mare de Déu". But for most oft he youngsters the essential event will be the "Correbou", the traditional bull chase through the streets of the little village.

This very tradition is equally loved and hated as many animal rights activists criticise the ritual. Defenders respond that there will be no harm to the beast, it just has to run a short way, tied on both horns to its own safety and to protect the participating people. However, who wants to witness the spectacle should get up early or join the Fornalutx youth and party all night round to be there the 7th of September in the early morning.

But also to those, who do not want to take the bull by the horns, Fornalutx is a most attractive destination and peaceful place to relax. International visitors of distinguished taste appreciate the village and many of them chose the village as their second residence. The way up to the little mountain village in middle oft he Tramuntana is already a treat for all senses: the village with its neatly stone clad houses, stairs and alleyways in front of an impressive mountain panorama. Orange and yellow the fruits shine in the evergreen citrus groves, bougainvillea and oleander complete the colourful picture. Here and then purls a creek or a fountain.

The little plaza seems a bit dozy during the day but reveals an enchanting atmosphere in the light of the old lanterns. Almost all year round there is life music once a week and the local gastronomy offers local specialities as much as international kitchen. So in Fornalutx a multicultural variety joins the original rustic life creating a feel-good-ambience. And the awards the spot received in the past as one of the most beautiful villages are still valid.

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