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Glajcar, the intimacy of white

The German artist Angela Glajcar will exhibite until the upcoming 31st of July a selection of her best works in Espacio Micus of Ibiza, on the road from Jesus to Cala Llonga. The exhibition features a series of sculptures and installations created from paper, fiberglass and acrylic plates.

In the 'Terforation' series, one of the most important of the artist, Glajcar drilled blocks of sheets of paper to get a dialogue between weight and lightness, darkness and light, matter and emptiness. Moreover, it can be said that she has created the neologism Terforation: a term that fuses 'drilling' with 'terra ', "referring to the Latin term 'terra incognita' meaning unknown or unexploited land", according to Sasa Hanten, author of the catalog of the artist. In each work, Glajcar enters into an unknown depth, as it would be digging a cave or a deep well.

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