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Holland Art Exhibition - Edition Ibiza 2013

The Holland Art Exhibition will run until the 30 September in Restaurante COMO, a popular meeting place and restaurant. About 40 artworks will be shown from contemporary Dutch artists, providing a representative overview of contemporary Dutch art. The aim of the exhibition is to foster a cultural exchange, and work towards better communication across cultures. Artipico Art Gallery intends to follow this up with a show of artists from Ibiza in the Netherlands.

The 17th century, the Golden Age of the Netherlands, witnessed an explosion of wealth, art and architecture. The Netherlands still benefits from the works by painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. The Netherlands is still known for its famous artists. The painters shown during the exhibition include Joop Polder, Clemens Briels, Jeffrey Burger, René Jacobs and Tos Kostermans. The bronzes on display are by sculptors like Anthon Hoornweg, Frans van Straaten, Willemien Fransen and Carla van den Heuvel. Elizabeth Koning, Herman van Gestel and Jacco Breedveld are represented with their photos.

The artworks can be viewed through

© Photo: Tos Kostermans - Party in the Subway (Paris Hilton)

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