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Ibiza architecture according to Blakstad

The famous designer Rolf Blakstad has published his book Ibiza Blakstad Houses, a study on the history of traditional architecture on Ibiza. With this book Blakstad analyses the very essence of Ibizan architecture, which has been based in traditions and customs of the society of the island until the upcoming tourism gradually replaced agriculture as main industrial branch.

Rolf Blakstad grew up familiarized with the Ibiza style of architecture as his father, the Canadian Rolph Blakstad studied the subject ever since his arrival on the white island in 1956. Rolph Blakstad studied the medieval and renaissance-arts and architecture in Florence. A visit in Morocco inspired him to comprehensive researches on Islamic architecture, in which he considered the origin of Ibizan tradition of building. 1967 he founded Blakstad Design Consultants, a company now run by his children Rolf and Nial.

© Photo: Blakstad

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