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Images of Cabrera at 1000 meters depth

An Oceana underwater robot has filmed for the first time the great Emile Baudot Seamount, located in the south of the Balearic Islands. The camera obtained wildlife images of pelagic species and the deep sea of that region unexplored so far. The underwater robot recorded flora and fauna up to 1,000 meters deep of a seamount of over 3000 meters which extends over 300 kilometers. The images confirm the great diversity of species, including fish devil, snake and lanterns, gulper sharks, hake, red shrimps, lobsters, etc.

The samplings were carried in the south of Cabrera National Park to provide information on the biological richness of the area and encourage its expansion. Oceana is an international organization focused on the conservation and preservation of the oceans, protecting marine ecosystems and endangered species. Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of renowned French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who works with Oceana since last year, has also supported the Oceana's initiative to expand Cabrera National Park, which would protect both the flora and fauna as the pelagic species.

© Photo: Oceana

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