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'In a context of financial uncertainty the best investment is properties'

Immowert, one of the biggest groups of German property experts in the market-place, asked Kai Dost to take part, as an expert in the sector in the Balearic Islands, in the forum “Protection against inflation through properties in Mallorca” held at the Diario de Mallorca Club.

The prestigious German group invited the businessman, who comes originally from Hamburg, to the property forum held in March to analyse the global financial situation and discuss the key measures for restoring foreign investors' confidence in the Balearic Islands.

Economist and company tax adviser Willi Plattes introduced the property forum with a summary of the situation of the global economy, paying special attention to the figure of the saver. In view of the uncertainty prevailing in the financial markets, Plattes recommends investing in actual assets, such as properties or company shares, instead of in financial products. Kai Dost contributed his wide-ranging view of the Spanish and, in particular, the Balearic property market, looking back in time so as to be able to predict the evolution of the sector in the coming years. He shared his thoughts about the impact on the sector over the past ten years of the property bubble, whose effects were devastating at Spanish-state level but which affected the Balearic Islands to a much lesser degree, basically due to the absence of sites for executing large-scale projects.
In addition, Dost agreed with Plattes that investing in property assets is the safest, because prices have stabilized in the second-home market and there is every indication that this will be the prevailing trend in the coming years – especially in the Balearic Islands, where owners of high-class properties, since they do not feel forced to sell, are keeping prices stable.

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