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Joan Miró's exhibition in Ibiza

The Museum of Contemporary Art hosts in Ibiza for the first time on the island an exhibition of the famous artist Joan Miró. This is a unique exhibition due to three reasons: this Museum has hosted seldom such a popular and appreciated artist; this is the first time that the work of Miró is exhibited in the island, and, in addition, 13 of the works are publicly shown for the first time and, two of them had not even been photographed so far. Furthermore, the catalog shows three photographs, also unknown, taken by Miró in one of his trips to Ibiza.

The two pictures that had not ever been photographed before are Personnages (1976) and Femme dans la nuit (1979). The Miró's Succession and the commission of a nephew of Joan Miró's wife, Pilar Juncosa, the writer and manager Enrique Juncosa, present these thirteen works that had never been exhibited before. The exhibition will be open to the public at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza (MACE ) until the 15th of August.

'Personnages', 1976, by Joan Miró. / © Successió Miró, 2014

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