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'London Pictures' by Gilbert & George

The Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca hosts until the upcoming 5th of January the exhibition London Pictures, by the British artist duo Gilbert & George. For almost fifty years this couple has been inspired by the grandeur and mystery of London to develop their work based in conceptual art, performance and body art, with emphasis in the area of ​​living sculptures.

London Pictures is a selection of very disturbing and violent photographs, but all of them shocking, revealing the nervousness, impulses and incongruities of contemporary society and urban life.

The description of this unique exhibition posted in the Casal Solleric website starts with a quotation from the disturbing book Dombey and Son (1847) by Charles Dickens:

"...They contemplated frightened the great city, as if they divined that their misery there would be but a drop in the ocean or a grain of sand in the desert ... Meat of hospitals, parishes, prisons, rivers, fever, vice, death: they surrendered to the monster that roared in the distance and they got lost."

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