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Luxury fincas, villas and a charming contrast at the Costa de Deià in Majorca

Picturesque, the expression is a bit worn out in context with Deià, the little village situated in the Sierra de Tramuntana, being photographed countlessly, painted and sung about. However, it is not by chance that since almost a hundred years artists settled here, attracted and inspired by the special light, the landscape, the blue ocean and the atmosphere. Authors, painters, musicians and bonvivants enjoyed the chill-out-feeling devoid of hype, pomp and circumstances. The poet and novel-writer Robert Ranke Graves lived in Deià until his dead in 1985 in his house in Deià. Today the Finca Ca n’Alluny is the Robert-Graves-Museum. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber owns a domicile around Deià as well as Sir Bob Geldof, just to drop some of the famous names. The international recognized painters like Arturo Rhodes and David Templeton live and work in the mountain village.

On first glance, the bohemian romantic seems to be faded away. Buses struggle through the main road connecting Sóller in the north and Valldemossa southward. Tourists search for a parking site and then stroll about the little shops of handicraft or fashion. Some visit the open ateliers and are welcomed by the artist at work. The Cala Deià ceased to be an insider-tip long before and here again the township charges for parking as everywhere. But still: Beauty is not caused. It is. There are the green mountainsides, purling little brooks, bright flowers, small alleyways and an appreciable peace. And though Deià and its residents demonstrate some modest understatement, in and around the village there are quite a few exquisite villas, fine fincas and possessions.

As in many places, Deià also experienced a change, in such a way that after the bohemia came the establishment and related to this, increasing standards and prices. So along the cliff line of Deià there are quite a few luxury domiciles. Figurehead of a number of hotels for exalted tourism is the Residencia, where international guests enjoy their recreation. The gastronomy at the Costa de Deià is excellent and manifold. And when in the evening on the terrace of the tavern a blues-band plays and the artist, the Majorcan, the tourist, the tycoon, the fisherman and the old-hippy sit together beneath the canopy of leaves, then it is still in the air: the special Deià spirit.

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