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Majorca at its “heights”: Hiking in the Sierra de Tramuntana

The summer-heat yields by and by to comfortable temperatures and after one or another rain, the anyway blessed Sierra de Tramuntana shows again its fresh green, where dust and drought had faded the colours of flowers and trees. Hiking season starts again on the trails of the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana, which begins in the north from Cap Formentor and extents over the whole west coast of Mallorca. The cordillera changes its nature every few kilometres. Here the path leads through a pine and evergreen-oak wood, there along the bizarre karst rocks with scant vegetation, just enough for the Majorcan goats. Torrents draw through the landscape. The most famous canyon of them is certainly the Torrent de Pareis, which even challenges the skilled climber and ends at the beautiful white-sanded bay Sa Calobra. Other trails curl per the agricultural countryside with olive groves, citrus orchards and almond trees.

Almost all territory in Majorca is private property, thus some of the trails require a key to transit a finca. Apart from this, the only obstacles on the excellently displayed routes are some stonewalls, which are to cross by step-stones or sheep grids. Many of the stone-clad trails go back to the times of the Arabs, who also had brought to perfection the terrace cultivation and the watering system. Some trails have meaningful names as “The archduke’s bridle path” between Deià and Valldemossa. It refers to the Austrian nobleman Ludwig Salvator who had his domicile in Son Marroig near Deià.

Hikers with plans to stay over night in the mountains can reserve a bed in one of the shelters, “refugios”, at the tourist office:

Far away the times when hiking was looked upon as an old fashioned habit with granddad’s walking stick and trilby; today it is a trendy and popular sport for all age groups. All the more with a breath-taking backdrop like the Majorcan mountains, passing olive groves with little stone houses, spectacular fincas or even dream villas like the possession of the actor Michael Douglas, s’Estaca near Valldemossa. Walking a route, which ends at a bay like the Cala Tuent, the wanderer can indulge himself with a fresh bath in the Mediterranean Sea. And with a bit of luck, one can watch a couple of black vultures circle in silence up there in the sky.

For those who go for racier activities, the Tramuntana offers besides the hiking tours and mountain bike tracks also thrills for adventurers such as canyoning or climbing on marked climbing walls. Further information provides the municipal tourist offices or the Internet sides of independent tour guides.

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