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Majorcan Cheese Agroroute

The cheese, as well as being one of the most emblematic and well-known gastronomic products in Menorca, also enjoys an ancient tradition on the island of Mallorca. There are many producers who make quality cheese, but in this post we will mention those recommended by the Government of the Balearic Islands. They highlight three Cheese Producers' Agroroutes, all of them concentrated in the south of Mallorca:

Formatges Burguera
Located on the road from Campos to Colonia de Sant Jordi, Bruguera Formatges make cheeses ​​with milk from their own cows.

Formatges S'Atalaia
These cheeses are produced on the farms S'Atalaia and Es Llobets, both located on the Marina of Llucmajor. The farm S'Atalaia has been producing cheese since the early fifteenth century and still is based on a craft manufacturing process.

This industry created in 2003 by a group of milk producers for the production of dairy products.

© Photo: Formatges Burguera

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