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Majorca’s almond–trees in flower

This mild and vernal winter, similar to last year’s weather, may cause an early start of the white splendour of almond blossom. Whereas in northern countries white, brilliant snow is covering the scenery, in Majorca an agricultural crop brightens the landscape charmingly: The almond tree in flower. The most awesome sensation of white and pink splendour give the plantations, where according to weather and variety of almond, the treetops show a sea of blossoms from mid-January until early spring. The pink flowers, by the way, belong to the bitter almond.

The best way to enjoy the almonds in flower is certainly either by bike or walking along the fragrant plantations. Not only Majorcan people and residents do so, but many tourists come every year especially to see this natural spectacle. The largest plantations are found in the area near Andratx, further north between Sóller, Valldemossa and Bunyola and in the southeast of the island.

You have almonds left, which not have been turned into marzipan? How about a fluffy Gató de Almendra? You will need: 200 g almonds, 200g of sugar, 6 eggs, lemon zest and cinnamon. Beat the egg whites until stiff, mix the egg yolks with the sugar to a cream, and stir in remaining ingredients. Fold the cream carefully in the beaten egg whites. Pour the mixture into a buttered spring form pan, bake 60 minutes at 160 degrees and let it cool in the oven. The Gató is to serve dusted with plenty of powdered sugar.

Bon Profit!

(Recipe by Paquita Tomás).

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