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Mallorca day 2012

September the 12th is the feast day of Mallorca. It commemorates the oath of James II in 1276 of the Charter of franchises and privileges of the Kingdom of Mallorca, which became the legal basis for our country. Also this day, but in 1229, according to tradition, the Catalan troops led by Jaime I, landed in Santa Ponsa and began the conquest of Mallorca rejoining Europe and Christendom. The franchises and privileges of the Kingdom of Mallorca are a set of rights and benefits granted by the king for the kingdom of Mallorca. James I granted in 1230, after the Catalan victory against Muslims, Christians collectors the first Mallorca frankness Charter, to stimulate the arrival of new settlers to consolidate the new kingdom that was bordering the Arab enemy.

Jaime II of Mallorca, first monarch of the Kingdom with exclusive right, great organizer and who set the institutions and their physiognomy, reformed and confirmed the franchises of his father James the Conqueror, ensuring Mallorcan a set of rights and freedoms that allowed them to live free from many burdens of feudalism spread almost all over Europe.

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