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Mallorca Immobilien Blog Interview with Jaime Roig

The online media Mallorca Immobilien Blog gives insight into the situation of the real estate sector in the Tramuntana area by interviewing Jaime Roig, the director of the Sóller office of Dost & Co. The partner of the Balearic real estate agency declared towards Mallorca Immobilien Blog, that “Mallorca continues to be the best place to invest in Spain” and that the prices of good properties keep stable. Asked whether the momentary given financial situation has a significant effect on the market, Roig responded that on the one hand clients are anxious to spend money today on a property what could considerably decline while reselling it again. On the other hand the crisis brought about that sellers were much more open to offers.

Mallorca Immobilien Blog inquired for the additional value the real estate agency Dost & Co. offers, Roig emphasised that according to the device “less is more” the agency only offers properties which are “unique in a way” and the sales agents provide a selection of objects to show by getting the closest possible to the requirements of the client. The scale of prices is widespread and reaches from 250.000 to 20.000.000 euros. The price of a finca with garden and pool in the valley is between 500.000 and one million euros. The average for an apartment in the Port is about 350.000 euros, a villa costs from 1.500.000 to 2.000.000 euros and a big finca with sea views some 2.500.000 up to 20 million euros.

The profound insider of the Tramuntana explained the advantages of the region, among these the infrastructure, the lifestyle and the variety of activities and recreation, starting from aquatic sports, golf to mountain hiking. Furthermore there is to mention the culture and history of the region and – of course the gastronomy. Not to forget the accessibility of the capital, the airport or even the main hospital. All together makes it a perfect place to have a second residence or a holiday domicile.

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