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‘Marges’: Simple principle, ample skills

Quickly the little gecko disappears in a gap of the wall. It is one of thousands of them who find their biotope in one of the Marges, a dry stone wall on Majorca. Birds, weasels and other creatures live in and on the wall. In former times smugglers hid their hot stuff there within the holes.

The stone walls characterize the image of Majorca and serve as zoning- or supporting walls, to regulate the water supply, as wind and erosion-protection. The walls are buildings made for eternity. As many useful achievements the medieval Arabs improved the technique in Majorca to create the terraces as we have them still today in the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The art to build solid walls without any plaster or binder is the craft of the “Marger”. The principle is based on ridging the bigger stones or rocks on a basement of approx. 90 cm and the filling with little stones. The construction narrows towards its top. Sound and well done, the wall endures the times, provided it is not exposed too much to tempests or landslips.
Amazing enough the fact, that people made a virtue out of necessity as the stones occur in the soil of the fields. Heaped up they serve as construction material for the Margers and turn to a firm wall. Here and then larger stones stick out of the wall to make it easy to get from one side to the other.

In our times besides the solidity of the constructions the aesthetics is recognized thus in the area of the heritage of humanity, the Tramuntana, mainly stone cladded houses are seen, whether there be small olivars, fincas or villas, which to fit harmonically into the scenery.

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