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Michael Nyman performs in Pollença

On Saturday 4th of August, as part of the 51st Festival de Pollença, the British pianist Michael Nyman, best known for composing the soundtrack for the film 'The Piano', will perform a concert with the soprano Marie Angel in the Cloister of Santo Domingo Convent in Pollença.

The program includes the world premiere of Body Parts Songs, commissioned by the Festival of Pollença. The song cycle assembles a number of very miscellaneous texts written by dead poets (as early as Michaelangelo) and living poets (such as Anthony Howell), which deal in a variety of rather surreal ways with body parts and bodily functions.

Marie Angel (1953), Australian opera singer, as well as having performed operas as a soprano in the classical repertoire she is also known through contemporary classical composers including Mauricio Kagel, Michael Nyman or John Cage. Michael Nyman (1944) is one of the most acclaimed British composers, whose work encompasses operas, string quartets, and orchestral soundtracks.

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