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Olive Exhibition in Caimari

Located on the foothill of the Tramuntana mountains, the picturesque little town of Caimari is host this weekend to the olive exhibition in order to promote the area as well as to celebrate the olive fruit and the exquisite local olive oil among numerous other attractions, since the production of olives has its origin in the area around Caimari. One of the exhibited attractions is a so-called "Rancho de Carboner" (charcoal-burner's hut) in the market square of Caimari in order to demonstrate how the charcoal burners formerly went about their ancient and meanwhile long-gone trade.

Furthermore there will be various stands over the whole weekend to present handicraft and art products, along with little delicacies to try and to buy, such as olives, almonds, carob tree fruits and products, oils, beers and the typical local (and very tasty) "Turrónes" (nougat). Canary birds and falcons will be on show, as much as tractors, historic motorcycles and vintage cars.

In the old church and in the House of Ses Monges exhibitions will be held of the art works of Ramón Egoscozábal Mayor. Photographs by Jaume Clapés will be shown as well as olive wood art from 1000 year old vintage olive trees by Miguel Trias Horrach and finally water color paintings and drawings by Joan Muñoz Darder.

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