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The village and valley of Soller celebrate their production of the orange every year in the beginning of June during the Fira de la Taronja, the Orange Festival. This year from May 31 until June 15. Historically known for producing some of the best oranges due to the specific microclimate of the area and the fertility of the soil, the festival showcases the humble orange as the reason for the areas prosperity at the turn of the last century. The revenue that came from the trade of oranges funded the expansion of the town, and enabled it to run its own train service.

Every year the restaurants and hotels of the area take part offering culinary specialties around the celebrated fruit from starters to desserts and drinks. Tasting menus of 23 Euros have been created to invite visitors to the beautiful valley. A special package which includes the journey by train from and to Palma and by tram from and to the Port of Sóller + a menu is also on offer for 38 Euros.

Essential to book in advance!

A fair on the town square provides fresh orange juice and small bites of orange creations on June 1st. For more information please visit the website of the City hall.

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