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Perfumery Hierbas de Ibiza

Hierbas de Ibiza is a Spanish perfumery dating back to 1965 where the Torres brothers Antonio and Pele created an eau de toilette. Their first contribution in Ibiza was the participation in an event located on the island of Ibiza with their individual jewelry creations which became known as part of the Adlib Fashion. From the beginning they called their fragances Hierbas de Ibiza (Herbs of Ibiza). They were all characterized by having a concentration of exquisite flavors from natural essences of the island such as lemon or orange rind, sage, thyme, lavender or orange blossom. The fresh fragances - bottled in flasks that reminds you of those that used to be used in pharmacies years ago - has come to be ambassador for the trendy charming Ibiza in the world through fashion boutiques and concept stores specializing in perfumes or fragrances.

Since then, the company has been consolidating. To follow through on this initiative, the Torres family, today formed by the siblings Antonio, Mercedes and Isabel, began an intensive study of all facets of production under the brand, reinterpreting and refining them.

Today the brand brand embodies a philosophy of life with the best of Ibiza : the light, the transparency of the air, the blue sea, the sunsets, and the scents of flowers and plants concentrates each jar. The products consist of fresh frangances, bath salts, shower gels, moisturizing balms, soaps with pure Aloe Vera extract, and a cologne – presented in solid silver box inside a delicate numbered case designed by Antonio Torres father as a little gem. All these creations pay tribute to the true Ibiza spirit that goes beyond fashion, and invites you to enjoy life and its simple pleasures. Ibiza is worn on the skin.

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