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Pla: Shoes made by hand in Mallorca

These shoes are designed by Irene Peukes in the “Pla de Mallorca”, a place where nature and the longstanding traditions of the island meld with the latest influences of its multicultural visitors from around the world. These influences are reflected in the Pla shoes.  They are contemporary, cosmopolitan and always mindful of the craftsmen’s skills and the advantages of natural materials. The combination of these elements is what gives the shoes their unique style.

Part of the manufacturing process is done by hand with jute fibres by Bangladeshi craftswomen. The process is coordinated through Caritas Bangladesh. Irene Peukes travels regularly to Bangladesh where she works together as a team with the craftswomen fine-tuning each detail as well as the quality of the finished product.

With their incredible skill and care, the craftswomen form each shoe from a single jute braid. Once the work of the craftswomen is complete, the shoes are taken to Majorca where they are finished.

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