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Pop rock indie in Porreres

The last concert of Love of Lesbian that I was able to enjoy in Majorca was offered by the Catalan quintet in Cultura Club in Palma. It was pure emotion, a vibrant concert, an explosion of fire and heat, stimulating, as I cannot remember of any other concert. After recording seven albums, this group of pop rock indie will delight us on Friday 31st of August with a concert in Porreres in which they will perform for the first time in Majorca the songs from their new album: La noche eterna. Los días no vividos (The eternal night. The days unlived), a stimulating journey that takes us in the first part of the album to what you can expect to live at night and in the second part of what is left to do during the day after living the night.

On the previous album, 1999 (O cómo generar incendios de nieve con una lupa enfocando a la luna) (1999. Or how to generate snow fire with a magnifying glass focusing on the moon), the more memorable songs are Club de fans de John Boy (Fan Club of John Boy), 1999 and Incendios de nieve (Snow Fire). Incendios de nieve was one of the highlights of the Palma’s concert in 2010, in which the singer Santi Balmes, after singing “que bajen tus labios y me callen… o empezaremos a silbar” (Let down your lips and silence me… or we would start to whistle), he kept his promise and began to whistle, with the public joining him in a wistfully and perpetual whistle.

In the aforementioned La noche eterna. Los días no vividos (Eternal night. The days unlived), the songs Wio, Antenas y Pijamas (Wio, Aerials and Pyjamas), Oniria e insomnia (Oniria and insomnia), El hambre invisible (The invisible hunger) and La noche eterna (The eternal night) are sweeping in iTunes and Youtube. They are beautiful songs filled with poetry, magic realism. In Porreres, the bands Rutina and Hombrespájaro, both from Majorca, will share stage with Love of Lesbian. The excitement is guaranteed.

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