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Sa Fira is one of the biggest events in Soller attracting visitors from all over the island. It happens on the Sunday 11th May, a day before the re-enactment of the great battle between the Moors and the Christians, the Firo. The entire centre of the town is filled with interesting stalls lining the streets offering their goods to young and old. Jewellery, leather ware and other handmade products can be found among the arts and crafts market near the church. The industrial exhibition of new gadgets and cars and inventions on exposure are of great interest while the fairground with rides, games and pony riding tempt the children.

During the fantastic spectacle “Es Firó” on Monday the 12th May, the inhabitants of Soller and the Port re-inact the invasion of the Turkish and Algerian fleet of pirates and their successful defeat. Held with great passion, this colourful and realistic festival celebrates its cultural heritage by dressing up as both the invaders and locals, in traditional costumes of the time period 1561. Two women represent every year the brave women “Valentes Dones”, who defended themselves successfully against two Turkish pirates. Different places around the village are historic spots, revisited during the Firó, where Moores fight Christians.

In the afternoon people gather at the beach of the Port de Sóller to witness a huge battle between the two sides where more pirates land on shore and women arrive from the town for support. Real shotguns fire, along with the use of wooden swords and small stone catapults. The final showdown happens in the evening at the main square of the town with a defeat over the invaders and a grand finale of singing and fireworks.

© Photo: Pere Joan.

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