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Running champ from Sóller goes online

Forty is the new thirty. Here the slogan does not refer to some ever-young fashion victims, but to a top runner, who, in spite of his advanced age – compared to other professional athletes in the international competitions- finds no mountain high enough, no valley low enough to stop him. Tòfol Castanyer, 40 year-old Majorcan, husband, family-father and owner of a shop in Sóller, is a successful trail-, marathon and sky runner of international standing and famous son of his hometown. For the youngsters of the increasing athletics-community in Sóller, Tòfol has become already a hero.

Trail running is a trend, both for amateurs as well as for professional skyrunners with high tech infrastructure. Moving beneath the sky, powered just by ones own, well trained body, gets more and more attractive to sportive people. The scenery for the most spectacular competitions are mountain ranges like the Alps, Dolomites, Pyrenees or even the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains in western Majorca, though the last mentioned does not reach altitudes like the others. Castanyer climbs them all on the double, but also on level land he leaves the crowd behind, and doing so he has already brought home several marathon trophies.

But even an ace like him cannot alter the forces of nature. The most recent example: The biggest race for long-distance runners, the NYC Marathon was cancelled due to of the storm devastation caused by "Sandy". Bad luck for the exceptional athlete and Sólleric Tòfol Castanyer, who travelled to the U.S. especially to run the race. After all, for though 100 % athlete, the Majorcan is also on call as father and shop owner, and each journey requires support from his folks. In some respects the sinewy athlete certainly differs from the typical image of professional runners. Thus, his training schedules are tuned around the requirements of family and work, not vice versa. Neither excessive altitude training at 3000 meters is hardly possible in Majorca.

Nevertheless, he runs from one success to the next and is the pride of the small town in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains. Let alone the last season, he won four international competitions of which perhaps the hardest and most famous has been the CCC is Mont Blanc. Unbelievable 86 km and more then 5000 meters of altitude had to be overcome. Castanyer made the challenge in less than 9 hours.

Now finally he has launched his own website on which he shares his philosophy and experiences with interested fans and athletes:

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