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Sóller tram celebrates 100 years

The tram that connects the town of Sóller to Playa d'es Repic, in Puerto de Sóller, was introduced on October 4th 1913. A hundred years ago, it was opened the famous tram which today helps to create an unforgettable postcard from Puerto de Sóller. It was just a year after it was released the train route linking Soller to Palma de Mallorca.

This 4th of October there will be a special celebration that include the exhibition of photos of a century, many of them provided by the citizens themselves. Currently it is the only tram in the Balearic Islands, an emblem in Soller, and also it is used as transportation by the sollerics. The service still has three electric trains and two original trailers from 1913, while the open carts were obtained in 1954 from Palma's tram.

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