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The Beatles Show in Mallorca

The upcoming Saturday 14th of December the Trui Teatre in Palma de Mallorca hosts The Beatles Show, a concert by the band Abbey Road that brings the viewer to another dimension, to immerse themselves in the music of the sixties. This group will offer a repertoire of the top hits that the British band composed between 1962 and 1970. The Beatles tribute show featuring for the first time in Trui Teatre uses the same instruments as the famous quartet from Liverpool used to have: Vox amplifiers, guitars Rickenbacker, Hofner bass and drums Ludwig. Of course, the costumes are also from the sixties.

The Abbey Road band was born in 1995, during the celebration of the Beatleweek in Liverpool. Since then they have offered more than 1,500 concerts on four continents and have performed five times in The Caven, the legendary pub where The Beatles used to play.

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