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The “Correbou” of Fornalutx

The most notable festival of Fornalutx celebrates the Nativity of the Mother of God, on 8 September. Within the festivities, one of the most popular and controversial events is the Correbou (Running of the Ox) on Friday the 5th September, which only happens at Fornalutx on Mallorca. The festival starts in the early hours of the morning, with traditional music from flutes, flageolets and tambourines, which announces the arrival of the ox to be paraded through the streets of Fornalutx, led on a rope round its horns by young villagers. Once the festival is over, the ox is taken to the slaughterhouse, where it is killed. It is known that this festival was celebrated as far back as the middle of the 19th century.

Fornalutx is a much-visited colourful village located in the Valley of Sóller, in the centre of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. Its origins go back to the Middle Ages and it grew up around the site of a primitive Moorish farmstead, as is indicated by the old streets in the highest part of the village, which are narrow, winding and steep. Nearly all these stone streets are stepped and are reserved exclusively for pedestrians. The entire village is of great architectural and aesthetic interest, with buildings kept in fine condition. The stone entrances, the austerity and simplicity of constructions, together with their ornamentation, mean that the houses of Fornalutx are fine examples of traditional Mallorcan mountain architecture, reflecting life in times gone by. The village is linked to agriculture, with vegetable, orange and olive cultivation being the driving force behind the economy until the 1960s, just as in the rest of the Valley of Sóller.

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