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The Cosmonaut in Majorca

The fascinating and surprising world of The Cosmonaut was exhibited last Friday at the Cine Ciutat of Palma de Mallorca. This is the first Spanish film based on crowdfunding, in which more than 5,000 people has helped to produce this very interesting film. After the screening of the film, its director (Nicolas Alcala), participated in a conference to explain that crowdfunding is the best alternative for film projects to move forward in a context of crisis and in the absence of solvent producers. A number of movie lovers have contributed in different ways to shoot and distribute The Cosmonaut in different online channels and cinemas.

After its premiere in Madrid on May 14, The Cosmonaut was released online through various platforms, including its website (, where users can watch it for free or have the option of making the contribution they consider appropriate.

The viewing of The Cosmonaut has caused me a series of conflicting emotions. The film takes us back to 1975 and tells the story of the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon not getting back and given up for lost in space. Through a series of radio messages the cosmonaut claims to have returned to earth and found it empty, while their beloved ones are torn between despair and fear. In some scenes I was captivated by photography and the soundtrack (always magical, involving the Spaniard Joan Valent), or the intensity of the relationship between the characters, but suddenly a scene seemingly trivial appeared and broke the magic of those wonderful scenes.

The viewer can feel the influence of Malick on The Cosmonaut, but relatively speaking. For example, Malick's The Tree of Life moved the audience to a state of constant inebriation, scene after scene, every word, every interpretation, the soundtrack, the narrative structure, the images of nature, a masterful epic. With The Cosmonaut is difficult to reach that state, although the intensity of the feelings of the characters is shown with an astonishing delicacy. The conquest of space and the astronaut travel to the moon is an effective backdrop to capture the complexities of the love triangle between the main characters.

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