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The event 'Palma amb la Dansa' expands and becomes international

German, Catalan and Majorcan companies, 26 in total, will be part of 'Palma amb la Dansa'. The event will be hold from 18th April to 19th May with new coming as the "internationalization program," the increase in the number of participants, the inclusion for the first time, of an artistic director, the dancer Catalina Carrasco and the “Patios” of the old town of Palma as stages of the contemporary dance performances.

The spring programme includes 226 activities. Another novelty concerns that the film activity will be taking place in Cine Ciutat. The new 'Palma amb la Dansa',  is looking for both the liven up of the city center, including the old city, and attracting tourism and the promotion off Majorca has already started. The shows will take place in theaters, outdoors, public courtyards as the Solleric.

Among the artists who will travel from Germany highlights the presence of members of the company of Pina Bausch. Among them, Fabien Prioville or Ferenc Feher. Mercé Boronat from Barcelon with a children's show. The youngest viewers are very appreciated and very important. Finally, a dance video contest we will launch.

© Photo: Ferénc Fehér

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